Poster Submission

General Overview of Energy Frontiers 2014 Poster Competition

The Energy Frontiers poster competition will be held on March 6th from 12:30-2:15 pm in the UMC Ballroom!  Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners!  See below for a FAQ and registration form!  Registration closes Friday, Feb 28th at midnight!

What are the awards?
A prize of $250 will be awarded to the top poster in each category (see below for category details). An additional $500 grand prize will be awarded to the best overall poster.

Who is eligible to receive the awards? 
Any student who signs up for the poster competition and presents a poster during the Energy Frontiers poster session is eligible to receive one of the designated awards.

How will posters be judged?
Below is the rubric that judges will use when reviewing each student poster. The student with the highest combined score from the judges will receive the award.
-Presentation and Clarity
-Feasibility and Impact
-Innovation and Originality
-Contribution and Personal Involvement
Students will be judged based on the above rubric. At the end of the poster competition, CU Energy Club officers will work together to tally up the scores. The student with the highest combined score in each category will receive the award.

What are the Poster Categories?
Economics, Policy, and Sociology (business plans, societal, impacts, economic studies, etc…)
Electricity Generation and Storage (wind, solar, batteries, etc…)
Fuels and Transportation (electric vehicles, alternative fuels, etc…)
Energy Management (transmission/distribution, building, systems, smart grid, etc…)
Undergraduate (Undergrads will compete in their own general category, separate from grad students.)

How do I enter my poster in the competition?
Sign up below!