Keynote Address:

Bio for Teju Ravilochan:

From a young age, Teju wondered what we could to tackle problems like global poverty and lack of access to energy in developing countries. Frustrated that this BA in International Affairs wasn’t preparing him to do so, he obtained a Grant from the University of Colorado at Boulder to conduct research about the effectiveness of non-profits in India. He learned that traditional charity-based models are not effectively combating issues like poverty and access to energy. Shortly thereafter, he met with Paul Polak, whose entrepreneurial work has lifted over 20 million farmers out of poverty. He joined Paul and began working as his assistant at D-Rev: Design for the Other 90%, eventually leaving to co-found the Unreasonable Institute alongside Daniel Epstein and Tyler Hartung.

Panel Information:

Panel 1: Energy Poverty, Barriers and Opportunities to Energy Access in the Developing World

In the wake of the historic COP 21 agreement in Paris, the transformation of the energy sector toward clean, efficient, and equitable systems has become an unavoidably global challenge.  Once a fringe issue, energy poverty in the global South — where both population and energy demand are on the rise — now stands at the very center of that transfiguration. This panel will consider the challenges that the developing world faces in developing energy access for all and examine a variety of real-world approaches to integrating social and economic justice with energy development and environmental protection, from the local to the international scale, and from both the public and private sectors.


Panel 2: Social Entrepreneurship: Colorado Based Solutions to Increase Energy Access in the Developing World

In terms of energy access, we in the developed world are clearly privileged, in most cases our biggest challenge is finding an place to plug in a phone in the airport. This is not the case in the developing world where access to energy is often a much more individual undertaking. How can we, in the state of Colorado, help to develop a future which includes energy access for all in the developing world? This panel will highlight some of Colorado’s premier entrepreneurs who are answering this call and share best practices for both technical and financial solutions that deliver a promising energy future for the developing world.

The Annual Energy Conference hosted by the CU Energy Club